Minimum order of 10 people

Morning Sunrise

Continental Baked Goods, Danishes, Breakfast Bread, Muffins, Croissants, Mixed Jams & Whipped Butter


per person


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad


per person
(with Coconut Whip Add $1.00)


Fresh Baked Bagels

with Whipped Butter, Mixed Jams & Cream Cheese


per person



with Maple Syrup & Whipped Butter


per person


Yogurt Parfait

Seasonal Fruit and Berries

with Vanilla Yogurt & Crunchy Granola


per person


Egg White Mini Frittatas

with Roasted Peppers, Goat Cheese & Spinach


2 pieces per order


Breakfast Sandwich

with Eggs, Spinach, Ham,

Aged Cheddar, English Muffin


per person


WhiteBox Burrito

with Eggs, Hash Brown, Jalapeño, Salsa, Bacon, Aged Cheddar


per person


Veggie Burrito

with Scrambled Eggs, Veggies,

Aged Cheddar 


per person



WhiteBox Deluxe

An Array of House Made Scones,

Sweet Fruit Danishes, Chocolate
Yogurt Parfaits,
Local Fruit Cups,

Breakfast Breads & Healthy Egg Bites


per person


WhiteBox Complete Breakfast

Continental Baked Goods, Mixed Jams,

Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries,

Farmer’s Sausage &

Ontario Fresh Bacon


per person